Customize your Touchdown

Select the options below to personalize your Touchdown, by customizing the interior and exterior and therefore choose the conditions that best suit you.

Exterior shape

Select shape

Octagon shape

Octagon shape

The octagon shape, with its eight converging sides, embodies a perfect blend of symmetry and uniqueness. Its balanced yet distinct form captures attention from every angle.

Edge shape

Edge shape

The edge shape, sharp and dynamic, encapsulates modernity in its purest form. Its crisp lines and contemporary angles redefine the essence of visual aesthetics.

Configure all sides

Front side3

Left side1

Right side1

Rear side3


Select your color

Signal white

RAL9003 - Signal White: a hue of purity and clarity, bringing light and openness to any space.

Select cooling and heating options

Select air conditioners

High-capacity single AC
High-capacity dual AC

Select heating

Floor heating

Diesel powered parking heating

Air ventilation system

Coming soon!

Roof heating

Coming soon!

Select floor interior

PVC English Oak Brown

A traditional English oak design in a warm brown hue, evoking elegance and sophistication.

Select lighting

Flex rail2

Interior LED lights1

Exterior LED lines left and right

Select extra components

Add sockets, pods, and/or ramps

Double electricity socket in each corner

Double electricity socket in each corner

Two electicity ground pods

Two electicity ground pods

Aluminium ramps

Aluminium ramps



Interior wrapping aluminium parts

Interior wrapping aluminium parts

Free & built-in

Automatic Levelling System

A free, built-in smart levelling system that autonomously makes sure your Expandable is level on most surfaces, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Enjoy a stable environment effortlessly.

Cargo lashing points

Cargo lashing capacity



Check your configuration



excl. vat

Your configuration

  • Product
  • Touchdown
  • Octagon shape
  • Main color
  • RAL9003 - Signal white
  • Frame color
  • RAL7021 - Black grey
  • Floor interior
  • PVC English Oak Brown
  • Air conditioning
  • High-capacity single AC
  • Heating
  • -
  • Sides
  • Right side Premium glass with two double hinged doors
  • Front right corner Premium glass
  • Front middle Double opening doors with glass
  • Front left corner Solid wall
  • Left side Solid wall
  • Rear right corner Premium glass
  • Rear middle Compact tech hub
  • Rear left corner Solid wall
  • Roof -
  • Lighting
  • Flex rail Flex rail, LED spots (12 pieces)
  • Interior LED lights Inner LED lines (rgb) (2x), Outer LED lines (cool-white) (2x)
  • Exterior LED left and right -
  • Extra options
  • Automatic Levelling System
    Double electricity socket in each corner
    Two electicity ground pods
  • Other options
  • Cargo lashing points Cargo lashing points M12 (set of 12)